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Kindergarten & Grade 1

Schools offer information sessions for parents in February or March to help them prepare for Kindergarten or Grade 1 enrolment. The District advertises sessions in community newspapers, on school signage and on our website. Please contact your school if you miss the information sessions and wish to arrange an appointment to register your child.

Students also register throughout the school year, the information below will help you to understand how to register your child in Medicine Hat School District #76.


Registration Forms

The District's registration forms can be found here.


Where do we attend?

The District's schools serve specific boundary areas. Use our boundary map page to determine your designated school, based on your address.


How do we get to school?

Bussing is provided for students as per District policy. Use our transportation map page to look at our various bus route maps. If you have questions, please contact our transportation manager at 403-528-6572.


Information about MHSD 76 Schools

Each of our schools maintains a website to provide you with further information about our programming.  Please visit our Schools page to learn more about programming at each of schools.


Schools of Choice

Occasionally, students and/or their families may wish to attend a school other than that designated for their home address. More information is located on our policy page.


Specialized Programming

Our District offers a number of specialized programs to meet students’ needs, follow this link to learn more about our specialized programming.