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Inspiring Education – A Dialogue with Albertans

Understanding what an Inclusive School Community is

In Alberta, inclusion is about ensuring that each student belongs and receives a quality education, no matter their ability, disability, language, cultural background, gender or age.

“At the core of inclusion is the concept of making differences ordinary so that all students have a place, feel valued and welcomed, and are equipped for success.”

(Setting the Direction – Action on Inclusion, 2010)

Educational practices that are flexible and responsive to the strengths and needs of individual students create inclusive learning experiences that ensure all students are successful.

Video: What Is Inclusion? 

Article: Inclusion is a Foundation for Student Success by Dr. Cheryl Gilmore

Inclusive school environments

  1. Take responsibility for all students
    • MHSD 76 is committed to meeting the needs of all students, regardless of their abilities, life circumstances or challenges
  2. Emphasize high expectations for all students
    • All students receive the support they require to be successful
  3. Take a strength-based approach towards meeting the needs of all students
    • Programming and instruction focuses on what students can do and capitalizes on students’ interests and background knowledge
  4. Are characterized by collaboration, caring and respect
    • Staff, students and community partners work together to create a welcoming environment

MHSD 76 supports each and every student