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Nutrition Program in Progress

Medicine Hat SD76 is pleased to have our new Nutrition Program up and running at Vincent Massey School! The program is part of a Nutrition Pilot Project introduced by the Alberta government for the 2016-17 school year. SD76 is one of 14 jurisdictions province-wide to be included in the project which is designed to provide food (in the form of snacks and/or meals) to children during school days.

The program encourages building knowledge of the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth and promoting healthy food choices. As well, it allows for community partnerships to develop between school children and those in food-producing businesses. Children will discover and learn how food is produced from the land to the table by seeing and being involved…including even growing some of their own food as the year progresses.

For more information about healthy eating, please click here.

(Nutrition Program Coordinator, Ammy Blenner-Hassett is pictured on the home page rotating panel that accompanies this news item.)