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MEDICINE HAT AT-HOME LEARNING HUB (ELP, kindergarten and grades 1-9 students: English)

Medicine Hat Public School Division has established the Medicine Hat At-home Learning Hub. The primary purpose of The Hub is to provide high quality programming to at-home learners from ELP through Grade 9 for the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic. This programming will support the fullness of the programs of study and will function as a school, complete with schedules, grade level teachers, a classroom support teacher, support staff and a principal. Families with children between ELP and grade 9 may choose to have their children educated through at-home learning while remaining registered at their home school. Through The Hub students will be assured the service of a teacher who is committed to building community, fostering learning and supporting the wellness of the at-home educational experience.

Students will have access to scheduled classes from their “homeroom” teacher/teachers whose only focus will be to teach the students in their at-home learning class.  They will teach lessons, engage in group work, support individual help and assist families to support their children in at-home learning. While assignments will be submitted via Google Classroom, students of The Hub will not be tied to their electronic devices and will have opportunities to move around and engage in their learning in hands-on activities.  All the while, teachers will be directly engaged with students throughout the school day.


A typical day will be scheduled like a school day. Language Arts, Math, Music, Social Studies Art and so on. Lunch and recesses will occur daily. The day will run from 9-3 and the teacher will be "present" except during recess and much of the lunch break. "Office hours" will provide opportunities for parents to connect with teachers. Educational Assistants are part of the staffing compliment to support student learning. While the intent is for students to attend through the day, lessons will be recorded and accessible any time by families. The level of direct engagement of parents/families is really dependent on the age and maturity of the child. However, we know that parent engagement will be very important. Lessons are being planned so that children are NOT working on devices all day. Although staying logged on to Google Classroom will keep a constant connection to their teacher and peers. Schedules will be shared so that students and families will know when they need to be "in class". Our goal is to offer a full program and so being present will ensure that children keep pace with their in-class peers.


The administrative team of The Hub is made up of Mrs. Tricia Unreiner and Mr. Warren Buckler. They will serve as the principals of the school and will share in the duties of supporting student learning and managing all of the operations of the school.

Mrs. Tricia Unreiner has served as the Vice-principal at George Davison School for four years. Prior to taking this position she has served as a classroom Teacher and Guidance Counselor at Alexandra Middle School and Medicine Hat High School. Mrs. Unreiner is passionate about supporting all students and brings to her work a commitment to excellent professional practice and the power of empathy. These things have allowed her to be an outstanding instructional leader and will serve her well at The Hub.

Mr. Warren Buckler has been one of the Vice-principals at Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre for two years.  Prior to that he served as a Guidance Counselor and Acting Vice-principal at Medicine Hat High School. Mr. Buckler served as Principal of our summer school for a number of years, including during this past July. He too brings a passion for serving students and to supporting excellent teacher practice.


The administration of The Hub will hire teachers from within our system who have volunteered to help start the school.  Once hired, the entire staff will come together for two days this summer to design things like their school handbook and to build the vision, mission and values that will guide the school’s actions.  Of course, these things will be shared with the school community when the work is completed.

This is Us!


Registration for The Hub is open and new students can register by filling out the MHPSD Learning Intent Form by August. While we will continue to accept registrations after the 24, we are hopeful that most will make a decision about how they wish to start the year by that date. Opening a new school, from scratch and in a matter of weeks is a massive endeavour. Enrolment numbers will drive some really important decisions for the school division; the most critical being how many staff will be needed to start classes on August 31st. The more accurate our enrolment numbers are by the 24th the better able we will be to know how many staff we need to add to the school in order to provide excellent programming.

While students may register at The Hub at any time, moving back to your traditional school will happen at certain points in the school year.*  Returning to traditional schools will require 2 weeks notice prior to the beginning of the next quarter of the school year. Families will receive a link prior to the end of each quarter to transition back to in-person learning. Notice is required, and transitions have to happen according to the school calendar, so that we are able to move staff from The Hub back out to schools if student enrolment shifts that way. We are working to make sure that we always have the right level of teacher staffing at each of our schools.

*Teachers in each grade will teach the major outcomes from the curriculum in the same order and according to a shared timeline so that students moving from in-class to at-home learning (or vice versa) will not be out of step.

  • Current MHPSD Students (students that are currently enrolled/registered in an MHPSD school for 2020-2021): All students currently registered at MHPSD schools are registered for in-person learning, unless families choose at-home learning on the MHPSD At-home Learning Intent form below. All families that would like to choose at-home through The Hub will need to fill out the learning intent form by August 24, 2020.
          Please contact your childs boundary school to register for the Hub.
  • New Students to MHPSD (students that are NOT registered at an MHPSD school for the 2020-2021 year): 
    We are taking new registrations for students that wish to attend both in-person and at-home classes through The Hub. New student registration must be received before September 30, 2020. Click and create a NEW ACCOUNT to register today.  

Due to health concerns and parental choice related to the pandemic, families may choose not to have their child attend their designated school for in-class learning. In this case, parents must inform their designated school of that they wish to participate in at-home learning. Families are asked to fill out the MHPSD Learning Intent Form by August 24, 2020. Families that have chosen The Hub on the intent form can expect to be contacted by a teacher or an administrator from The Hub prior to the first day of school for information on how to get started.

At-home learning will be supported by a school created to respond to the needs of the community. This school is called The Hub. The Hub is built like a school. It is a school. Your child will be taught by their teacher and that teacher, and others, will be available throughout the day to support them in their work. Students will be organized into class groupings and will have opportunities for small-group instruction and collaboration with peers. They will be taught the same lessons that their peers will be taught in their home school and in the same order, so that when/if you choose to return them to their home school they will not be out of step with their peers.

If you have questions about at-home learning through The Hub please email


Purchase agreements have been emailed to all families that indicated that they would like to purchase a chromebook. If we missed you please follow the information below and click on the link that fits your child to get started with your purchase. Please note that you may need to click on a few different links in the table below if you have children in multiple grades. 

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